unexpected mandalay

unexpected occurrence

We arrived in Mandalay at around 7:40 am after “sleeping” on the night train, then walked to our guest house.


We stayed at the Nylon Hotel, which I highly recommend. The staff is incredibly helpful and can help you book taxis, tickets, and transportation to your next destination. The rooms were clean and much nicer than I had anticipated. There were also Western toilets and a clean (warm) shower! Mind you, I’m traveling with my mother this round, so we aren’t on a strict backpacker budget. This hotel is about SGD $30 per night – pretty expensive for our liking.


Mandalay is a huge grid layout city. It’s relatively easy to navigate (we used the app Maps.Me for wifi-less directions).
We spent the first day wandering around Mandalay. We…

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The Diversity Deal

Ali Abbas


Diversity and inclusion are wonderful when they work in your favour. In the last week, Muslims like myself have been the beneficiaries of the world’s love and understanding. At airports around the United States people with open, liberal minds have acknowledged that most of us are just ordinary folk. We only want to live and work in peace and free from fear. Owing no allegiance other than our shared humanity these generous and passionate people stood up for our rights and our cause.

I’ll admit that I am conflicted. There are so many sides to what has happened that I am not sure how to reconcile them all. Let me lay them out for you.

Perhaps easiest to understand is that I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love in the face of an act of hate. It is a bright light in a time of encroaching darkness…

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Back to Your Roots: Blogging About Genealogy and Family History


This week, genealogists around the world are meeting at RootsTech, an annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, that explores the intersection of family history and technology. Participants — from novice family historians to seasoned genealogists — can attend a range of sessions with speakers and experts, some of whom make WordPress their online home, like the Scott Brothers, Judy G. Russell of The Legal Genealogist, and Amy Johnson Crow.

Interested in digging into genealogy or researching and documenting your family history? Here are a few sites on WordPress.com to give you ideas.

Genealogy Sisters


Since the mid-1990s, sisters Maryann and Veronica have researched the Polish and Irish sides of their family. They publish their findings and stories — along with photos, documents, maps, and more — in a traditional blog format using the tried-and-true Twenty Ten theme.

A family photo from "Year in Review -- 2016" at Genealogy Sisters. A family photo from “Year in Review — 2016” at Genealogy…

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Dominic Bowkett

Dominic Bowkett

Food hygiene has always played an important role in the United Kingdom. Now we have even more food hygiene changes to the legal production of food and food hygiene in the UK. Ensuring that food is safe to eat is essential in ensuring that customers do not get ill from your products. Dominic Bowkett says that ‘Good food hygiene training is essential for all staff members in your business. This means that customers remain safe from any nasty illnesses that bacteria may cause’. It’s therefore essential to make sure that customers are kept healthy.


Many Manchester based businesses require registration with the local authority to ensure that they can be inspected by food safety agents if there is a problem. Dominic Bowkett noted that one particular business who failed to register their food business got into trouble with the law, and the police were called to deal with the outbreak…

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A Dash of Color: Four Crafts and DIY Blogs to Explore


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you spend hours each day glued to a screen. But when was the last time you used real glue to make something?

Next week, hundreds of creative entrepreneurs will descend on Palm Springs, California, for Alt Summit, an annual gathering for digitally savvy makers (the event is sponsored by get.blog, a WordPress.com service). Here are four participants — and WordPress bloggers — who will fill your day with color and fresh ideas.

Young House Love

From a tour of Sherry and John's current house. From a tour of Sherry and John’s current house.

johnsherrybio2016Sherry and John Petersik are the design-obsessed team behind Young House Love, where they write and share insights on picking color patterns, planning a beautiful wedding on the cheap, and numerous other topics. If you’re not attending Alt Summit in person (where the couple will be keynote speakers), check out their books

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Carl Freer – Carl Johan Freer

Carl Freer

A successful consumer technologies executive with years of experience in Europe and the United States, Carl Freer currently serves as the founder and chief innovation officer of Aluminaid. A medical device company headquartered in Singapore, Aluminaid has developed a line of topical, nonsurgical bandages designed to treat patients with first- and second-degree burns. As a leader of the company, Carl Freer remains dedicated to ethically driven management and works to implement top-quality procedures and design practices at all levels of the organization. Under the guidance of Carl Freer and the rest of the executive team, Aluminaid has developed medical products that withdraw heat from a burn and absorb it directly into the burn dressing. By releasing excess heat into the surrounding air, Aluminaid bandages provide immediate pain relief for burn patients and improved levels of comfort during treatment.

carl-j-freerCarl Freer has also overseen the introduction of a range of plasters…

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Carl Freer Announces Clinical Trials on Patented Burn Dressing

Carl Freer

As the founder at Aluminaid, Carl Freer founded a company that has pioneered the development of treatments for burn patients. Aluminaid has created the first significant technological disruption in burn care in the last century with its thermally conductive dressings for people with first- and second-degree burns. The patented bandages offer instant relief. Aluminaid has produced a wide range of burn dressings and is now expanding its distribution, as well as its portfolio of first-aid products.

Of the invention Freer said, “I suffered a severe 2nd degree burn to my hand a few years ago and despite holding my hand under cold running water the pain was too intense and being in the mountains, the closest doctor was over two hours away. My wife–who studied material science–told me to wrap the burn in foil as it would thermally conduct the heat away from the skin and relieve the pain. Reluctantly…

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