Outsourcing work to India and other countries by Dominic Bowkett

Dominic Bowkett

Take caution before you outsource your work

Dominic Bowkett, explains, if you are considering outsourcing your work to a third party, then it typically means that your workload is reached its maximum capacity. Congratulations! Outsourcing has been shown to be a means in which you can find cheap labor to cover the overflow. There have been arguments regarding the overall economic impact of outsourcing, and each party does have a point. This article will explain some of the key considerations you should take before outsourcing work to India and Other Countries.

Consideration One: You get what you pay for

If your company needs precision based work, then outsourcing may not be the best option for you, especially to places like India. While there are freelancing firms in India and Africa which do excellent work, I often find (as a freelancer) that I must correct the mistakes of outsourced work. The…

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