Carl Freer – Carl J Freer – Carl Johan Freer

Carl Freer

The Future of the Innovation Technology World – Carl Freer

Carl Freer is a leading futurist, innovator and serial entrepreneur with over two decades experience in the technology sector. Swedish by birth, Carl has over a dozen of patents in the US, Europe and Asia. Carl J Freer’s latest venture, Aluminaid, was founded 2010.

Born in the year of 1970 in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, Carl Freer’s father was a programmer at IBM by profession and a nuclear engineer by qualification.

The founder of Aluminaid, Carl Johan Freer spent much of his early career creating disruptive technologies in the mobile device industry. From 2006 to 2009, he served as the director of innovation and product development at Magitech, Inc. At the company, Carl Freer worked with collaborators around the world, including leading academics from the University of Canterbury, the University of Graz, and Georgia Tech. His accomplishments…

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