A Dash of Color: Four Crafts and DIY Blogs to Explore


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you spend hours each day glued to a screen. But when was the last time you used real glue to make something?

Next week, hundreds of creative entrepreneurs will descend on Palm Springs, California, for Alt Summit, an annual gathering for digitally savvy makers (the event is sponsored by get.blog, a WordPress.com service). Here are four participants — and WordPress bloggers — who will fill your day with color and fresh ideas.

Young House Love

From a tour of Sherry and John's current house. From a tour of Sherry and John’s current house.

johnsherrybio2016Sherry and John Petersik are the design-obsessed team behind Young House Love, where they write and share insights on picking color patterns, planning a beautiful wedding on the cheap, and numerous other topics. If you’re not attending Alt Summit in person (where the couple will be keynote speakers), check out their books

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