New in Reader: Combined Cards

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If you’ve ever followed a frequently updating site in Reader, you may have noticed a problem. When one of your followed sites goes on a posting streak, it can easily overwhelm your stream, causing you to miss posts from less frequent sites.

Today we launched a new feature to alleviate this problem: Combined Cards. Now, when a site you follow gets prolific, we’ll combine those posts into a single card — provided the posts are all from the same day and uninterrupted by posts from other sites.

Here’s a recent example from Time Magazine. (Did you know you can follow Time in Reader? You can!) Before on the left, after on the right.

cc-exampleFor Writers: If you post once a day, your posts will never be combined in Reader. If you post more than once a day, it’s possible your posts will be combined for some readers and not others — it depends on…

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Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit

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Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community.

This year’s CMS Africa Summit was my third attendance at this amazing conference. My colleagues Marjorie, Sarah, Hannah, and Luminus joined me for the event and in doing so we sent Automatticians from three different continents.

Democratizing eCommerce

For several years now, Automattic has been the title sponsor for CMS Africa Summit. After conferences in Kenya (2015) and Uganda (2016), the 2017 edition took place in Abuja, Nigeria. The team behind the summit consists of industry leaders from all three of those countries. Together they also represent some of the world’s most popular open source content management systems (CMSs): Joomla, Drupal, and (of course) WordPress.

As one of the tech hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria is leading

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Community Pool

The Daily Post

Have you just published a new post and are dying for some feedback? Are you redesigning your blog and could use some layout or design advice from your more seasoned peers?

The Community Pool is for peer feedback and advice. Looking for more specific information? Check out some of these resources:

Tap into the wisdom of The Daily Post blogging community and leave your question here in the comments. Others can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Looking for free, self-guided courses to help you get started with your blog (or revive…

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Fashionable and Confident Over 40: When the Girls Rule


Faced with a job search after her design degree in 2014, Julia Millies couldn’t find solid fashion advice for women over 40. Tackling her look like any design project, she did her own research, and today shares her fashion wisdom with the world at When the Girls Rule.

We chatted with Julia about the fun inspiration for her site’s title and the vibrant, supportive community of women around When the Girls Rule who want to feel confident in their clothing — regardless of their age, shape, and size.

Julia's "before" photo -- the reason why she started When the Girls Rule. Julia Millies’ “before” photo — the reason why she startedWhen the Girls Rule.

What was the genesis of When The Girls Rule?

Two fashion blogs that deserve your time:

I graduated in 2014 with a design degree hoping to jump-start a new career after being a stay-at-home mom for 20 years. I’d gained weight…

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A Recipe For Writing Poetry

Writes With Pencils


Custards are made
fields of grazing cows
and free run chickens
orange-scented coffee
and vanilla bean,
the fruit of an orchid
that grew from the blood
of forbidden lovers.
The last batch
of ice cream
is churning
figs steeped in sherry
the Spanish sun
warms the stones
laid by Moors
in a time of tolerance
with hints of anise and bay.
As I roll the pin
across the fifth crust
of buttery dough
to fill fluted pans from France,
my fingers itch
to grasp instead
a pencil
to plant words, not seeds
upon a page
to capture and preserve
the thoughts and remembrances
that waft to the surface
with the steam of rosemary tea.
But the oven awaits the cakes
flourless, moist with chocolate and dates,
so I reach for a whisk instead.

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The beauty of small things: a voyage into a garden’s microcosm

Jules Verne Times Two

“The more we travel, the bigger the world gets”. Over the last couple of years we have taken advantage of our somewhat vague motto to talk about many different things. Christened during our round-the-world trip, it originally stemmed from our observation that no time in the world would be enough to visit all places worth visiting. After we came back, we realised this to be true even for our own country. Abandoning all hopes of closure, we expanded our definition of travelling to encompass other things we love: time-travelling to long-past history, mind-travelling on the comforts of solitude, soul-travelling with the wonders of friendship. All those wanderings however involved some degree of physical travelling. Not today. Today we won’t go beyond Jules’ parents backyard, in Ponte de Sor.

Over the course of countless weekends, I made a habit of sneaking into Jules’ parents garden to take pictures. Hunching…

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Documenting a City, One Photo at a Time: Winnipeg Love Hate


For a decade, photographer Bryan Scott has documented nearly every corner of Winnipeg, Manitoba at his site, Winnipeg Love Hate.

The site bears witness to both urban decline and renewal — from city streets and shops to heritage buildings and landmarks — including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Winnipeg Love Hate is not just a site devoted to lovely photography, it’s a visual history of a Canadian prairie city — with beauty and blemishes both on public display.

Winnipeggers have a bizarre mix of pride and self-loathing for their city, which is well articulated in a song called “One Great City,” by local band The Weakerthans. Its refrain: “I hate Winnipeg.”

How did Winnipeg Love Hate originate?

In 2006 or 2007, I had a eureka moment about myself and my photography. For the longest time, I believed I had to travel to take the kind…

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